It’s fruit fly season. Since a fruit fly can lay five hundred eggs, and its life cycle is about a week, I now exterminate them immediately. As I write this, there’s one buzzing around my face, Chinese water torture level annoying, but I know there’s never just one, and if I put this off–as I have from time to time– there’ll be ten million tomorrow.

Amazon has yellow sticky traps, but I can trap them myself. I use “Two Buck Chuck.”  I think it’s saved my life.

I used to keep bottles of Two Buck Chuck (now $3.99), Trader Joe’s “everyone should be able to afford wine” wine for subpar guest emergencies.  Now, I use the leftovers for fruit fly traps.  Braggs apple cider vinegar and fresh kombucha work well, too.

It’s simple:  Take a few small containers–half-pint mason jars and deli salad containers work well–and put an inch of wine in each.  Cover them with plastic wrap and use an elastic to hold it tight.  Then, punch a few holes in the plastic wrap and put the traps around the house for a few days.  Change them every so often.

How they work:  Fruit flies can get in, but they can’t figure out how to get out. They drink the wine and drown their sorrows in Trader Joe’s wine.