“If I were a pioneer, I’d be dead…” 


 That was true in 2008 when I started this, and it’s still almost true today. If I had to live off my land alone, I’d be your weight loss coach.  

But, I’ve figured out some hacks along the way.


If I were a pioneer, I’d be dead.  

–Original Poser Homestead Motto

 Whatever your reason…

“I’ll grow my own food.” I was a broke teacher at the time.

Growing my own food didn’t save me any money because most of the time I killed stuff.  Over time, I improved.

I ate better, felt better, and cooked like a chef.  

There’s something special about going outside, seeing what’s growing, then eating that instead of going to the clamshell aisle at the store. 





These skills are too important to forget. 

I was not a good homesteader. My victory garden was a compost pile of defeat for years.  But after a decade of stalking farmers, bugging master gardeners, meeting a gem of a master canner, and harrassing an artisan baker who was student teaching at my school, I got better.

I met neo-hippie distillers and microfarmers who left corporate jobs. I talked to local families escaping the rat race to take over fruit farms and start community supported agriculture projects.

I asked a ton of questions. I learned. Over time, I improved.

You will, too. 


Even if you don’t know how to reheat dinner without a microwave, you’ll pick up some skills, too. These are the skills our grandparents knew that I don’t want to forget.

Poser homesteading is the way to go. There’s no pressure because nobody’s going to starve to death here when the chipmunks eat the tomatoes. Learn what you want, even if you just want to Instagram a mason jar for your zero waste group.

When I started this project, people made comments.

“I could never!” they said. Or “If I had your time!”

Even if you only have a couple hours a week to dedicate to your poser homestead, you can do it!  But, once you start, you’ll find this addictive.  


Something’s shifted.


People used to make fun of me, but now they want to be more self-sufficient. Everywhere I go, people want to get back to the land. Post covid, even more friends want to live simpler, get rid of waste, and know where their food came from.

When I started, “grandma skills” were definitely not cool. Today, they are. People want to be more self-reliant.

The exciting thing: this isn’t a “go big or go home thing.” It’s all about learning one thing at a time.

I’m never going to keep up with the farmer down the road. The good news is, I don’t have to.  

Do it!


Whether you’re looking to be healthier, live simpler, enjoy nature, cook like a chef, reduce waste, stay out of the store or just learn a little something… The poser homestead lifestyle has something for you–with no pressure. 

I hope you’ll stick around for some food, “fake farm”, and fun.