One day I decided to live off the land. 



It was the 2008. The economy was terrible. Money was tight. Our business was struggling, and I was a teacher. 

I had the solution to the finances. “I’ll grow our food.”

Turns out, it’s not as easy as it looks. 

If I were a pioneer, I’d be dead.  

–Original Poser Homestead Motto

Homesteading is hard. It doesn’t have to be…

The secret is this–do what you can, learn each day. And don’t worry… there’s a store down the road.

Soon, I started to get the hang of it…  I was eating off my land (sometimes!). 

At first, I followed a family in Oakland, California, who lived entirely off 8,000 square feet of land.  I had 10,000 square feet–I could do this! That was my first mistake.

I was in New England. I was doing everything all wrong for my area.  Gardening, canning, cooking from scratch, fermenting, raising chickens… these are all learned skills.  They’re skills our grandparents knew but didn’t pass down after the rise of the supermarket.

These skills are too important to forget. 

I found farmers, stalked master gardeners, traveled to Florida to meet a master canner. I met neo-hippie distillers and microfarmers who left corporate jobs, and local families escaping the rat race to take over fruit farms and start community supported agriculture projects.

I asked a ton of questions. I learned. Over time, I improved.

When I started this project, people ate my food but me funny looks. “I could never!” they said, or “If I had your time!”  Now, Mason jars aren’t antiques–they’re cool.

Something’s shifted.

Everywhere I go, people want to get back to the land. They want to live simpler, get rid of waste, and know where their food came from.

From my Manhattan friends who rent the smallest plots in community gardens to the global tech investor who exchanges chicken pictures with me…people really want to be more self-reliant.

The exciting thing is–this isn’t a “go big or go home thing.” It’s all about the learning one thing at a time.

I don’t need a farm. Any one thing I learn is one more skill I have. That’s what the Poser Homestead is all about.

Whether you’re looking to be healthier, live simpler, enjoy nature, cook like a chef, reduce waste, or stay out of the store… The poser homestead lifestyle has something for you.

I hope you’re convinced, and that you’ll stick around for some food, “fake farm”, and fun.

My small confession… 

I started the Poser Homestead out of financial fear. I didn’t save a dime–I spent way more money ruining things than I would have just going to the big store. 

But one day, I walked out into my garden. It was a mess, I’ll admit, but things were growing. I picked a bunch of things, and made dinner.  Herbs, veggies, scratch ingredients…right in season! My food was delicious–chef-quality.

That was when I had my epiphany. “I can do this.” People have been growing food for centuries. I wasn’t special. It was a learned skill. The less I fought the land, the more success I had. 

“Relax,” I said. “There’s a store down the road. 

That changed everything.   



Covid hit. 

And, without preparing, I was prepared. 

People panicked about the things they couldn’t get–yeast, flour, sugar, toilet paper, and more…but my little Poser Homestead pulled through–with enough to help and share.  

By doing my normal minimum day-to-day things–taking care of a few chickens, canning food in season, and taking inventory of my pantry so I can avoid the store as much as possible on a good day… I was ready to get off the beaten path. 

That’s when I thought, “There’s really something to this Poser Homestead thing…” 

It doesn’t have to be hard. It can still be as simple as a window herb garden to keep you in basil. But…it can be a whole lot more, too… 

I’ll share what I learned–short cuts, efficiencies, and fun projects, too. 

I hope you’ll build a little poser homestead, too! 


“With a few mason jars…you can conquer the world…”