If I were a pioneer, I’d be dead.  

–Original Poser Homestead Motto

Whatever your reason…

If I had to live off my land alone, I’d starve. But, not everyone has to be a hard-core homesteader to get the benefits of this life. I’ve figured out some hacks along the way.

In the beginning, my motivation was wrong. I was a broke teacher trying to live off my land. I didn’t save money. I just killed stuff. But over time, I improved. That’s when I noticed the magic. And it wasn’t about money.

I ate better, felt better, and cooked like a chef. I could fix and build things myself. I could make my ideas become real. 

There’s something special about going outside, seeing what’s growing, then eating that fresh out of the ground instead of getting pre-chopped things in plastic at the store. 

You don’t have to raise cows. Build a Poser Homestead today. 




These skills are too important to forget.

There’s a learning curve here.

After a decade of stalking farmers, bugging master gardeners, meeting a master canner, and following an artisan baker around her student teaching, and upgrading my tools, I got better. 

Then, I met a lot of people who were trying to learn this stuff, too–firemen turned farmer-distillers, former desk jockeys taking over fruit farms and CSAs, craft microchefs building brands. 

I asked a ton of questions. I learned. Over time, I improved.

You will, too.

Even if you don’t know how to reheat dinner without a microwave, you can reclaim these some the skills our grandparents knew–the ones I don’t want to forget.

There’s no pressure–learn what you want. Even if you just want to Instagram a mason jar for your zero waste group. It’s all about learning one thing at a time, and letting that thing improve your life. 

Even if you only have a couple hours a week to dedicate to your poser homestead, you can do it!  But, once you start, you’ll be addicted. 

When I started, “grandma skills” were definitely not cool. Today, they are. People want to be more self-reliant.  I took a lot of calls during the pandemic. 

I’m never going to keep up with the farmer down the road. The good news is, I don’t have to.

Do it!

Whether you’re looking to be healthier, live simpler, enjoy nature, cook like a chef, reduce waste, stay out of the store or just learn for the sake of learning… I hope you’ll join the movement. 

Stick around for some food, “fake farm”, and fun.