“You get what’s in season, and you know what to do with it.”

Julia Child


Menu Planning 101

Food should be fun, not a burden

Try these menu plans. They’re all about minimum prep time and maximum flexibility.

It’s stuff we actually eat with recipes you don’t have to scroll ten miles to find.

I’m shortcutting here: Minimal pictures, quick posts, and some of the menus aren’t even linked to recipes yet.  But, since I get these questions often…and 10x more now that prices are higher and supply chains are wonky, I’m building this on the fly. Enjoy!

Stock your pantry. Cook, Prep, & Preserve. Eat like a chef. 


chicken meals, “Stock the freezer” and Veggie MEALS

Roast chicken.  Bulk cook, and freeze for weeks of meals.  You’ll also use this chicken in meals throughout the week. Breakfast and lunch have options that’ll make picky eaters happy.  



Meals for Beef Lovers. And Vegetarians.

This menu centers around beef, but vegetarians get to eat, too! Breakfast and lunch are easy and feel like they came from a café. 

Menu 3

Alfredo, hot sandwiches, soups

Sauces and sandwiches shine here. If you made the chicken from Menu 1, you’ve got some tasty extras already prepped!.