Poser Homestead Menus

Eat well, in season, if you can.

If you can’t… go to the store.

Menu Planning 101

If you’re serious about eating like a chef, eating seasonally, getting rid of packaging, or saving a few bucks, you’ve got to menu plan.  When you do, it should be a joy not a burden. Here are a few menus from the Poser Homestead.

Cook once, eat often.

1. Stock your pantry.

2. Cook, prep, and preserve.

3. Eat like a chef.

Menu 1

Stock your freezer with chicken meals

This menu features roast chicken, which can be bulk cooked and frozen. You’ll also use the leftover chicken in meals throughout the week. The breakfast and lunch choices are versatile and chef-worthy, too. 


Menu 2

Beef centered meals with veggie options

This menu centers around beef, but as usual, it’s got vegetarian options and things for picky eaters, too. 

Menu 3

Homemade Alfredo, hot sandwiches, soups

This menu’s got a bunch of things, and if you made the chicken meals in week one, you’ve got some already started for you. 

“You get what’s in season and you know what to do with it.”

Julia Child