“You get what’s in season, and you know what to do with it.”

Julia Child


Menu Planning 101

Food should be fun, not a burden

I don’t really menu plan. I look at what’s in season or on the shelf, then cook using that as a baseline.  Years ago, I’d see what was on sale, then plan meals around that. 

But, I get asked a lot about meal planning, shopping, growing, and organizing. “If I had your time.”  You do. We all do. 

So, I tossed a few menus here. The original plan was to put a couple for each month of the year based on what was in season.  But, I have no idea what’s in season by you, so that didn’t work.  

Here are a few menus–stuff we actually eat with recipes you don’t have to scroll ten miles to find.

There is nothing worse than a food blogger competing with Tolstoy.

This is a public draft–few to no pictures, half-built menus, some aren’t even linked to recipes yet.  But, since I get these questions often…10x more now that prices are higher and supply chains are wonky, I’m building this on the fly for fun. Enjoy.

Stock your pantry. Plan a little bit. Eat like a chef.


chicken meals, “Stock the freezer” and Veggie MEALS


Meals for Beef Lovers. And Vegetarians.

Menu 3

Alfredo, hot sandwiches, soups