Menu 2

Here’s this week’s menu.  It’s beef-centered with vegetarian options. 


  • Your choice of the following: chef-style eggs (boiled, fried, omelet), steel-cut oats (made once, beginning of the week, in Weck jars in the fridge), kefir, yogurt, or cereal.


  • On hand every day: sandwiches (PB&J, fluff, Nutella, lunch meats, tuna, leftovers, grilled cheese).


  • Popcorn, pre-fab chips, bars, and junk in the snack container, yogurt with jam, fruit. Deviled eggs (boiled eggs, generally on hand) topped with hummus.


Sunday: Chili, meat and bean. And black been for me, the vegetarian. I  made a big pot and canned a year’s worth of meat and froze the bean.  You can freeze or can your chili. 

  • (Brown/freeze about 5 pounds of meat, divide. Freeze some plain (for future pasta nights) and season some with taco spice for Taco Nights.  Also, make some meatballs. 

Monday: Spaghetti and meatballs. 

Tuesday: Panini (rye bread and rolls.) and chips.

  • Stuff with 
    • olives, cheddar, diced tomato, basil. 
    • Bleu cheese and caramelized onions/sauted mushrooms
    • Provolone, and tomato
    • Feta, tomato, basil, calamata and a slice of provolone.

Wednesday: Greek casserole. This is vegetarian, but you could add chicken. 

  • Rice with leftover fridge and freezer veggies. Method: 
    • Saute onions. 
    • Meanwhile–cook some rice. 
    • Add to a bowl with grated mozzerella and crumbled feta. Add: 
      • Kalamata olives
      • Fresh or dried basil and/or oregano. 
      • Sour cream, greek yogurt, or kefir. A block of cream cheese will work well, too. 
      • Two eggs. 
      • Salt and garlic to taste. 
    • Bake at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes. 

Thursday:  Leftover night. You know you’ve got some! If not, then tonight’s a giant chef salad with homemade dressing. 

Friday: Taco night. Use some of the ground beef from weekend. 

  • Homemade guacamole. 
  • Veggie refried beans or black beans. 
  • veggies  and cheddar
  • Olives. 

Saturday: Cream of Mushroom Soup and cornbread. 

  • Saute a bunch of mushrooms and one diced onion in butter. You can never have too many mushrooms. Use all you can get your hands on–at least 1.5 pounds or 3 standard-sized packages. 
  • Add a clove of chopped garlic, or some garlic powder. Add ¼ tsp salt after the mushrooms are almost done sauteing. Add ¼ to ½ tsp soy and Worcestershire sauce and ½ tsp dried or 1 sprig fresh thyme. 
  • Deglaze the pan with 2T to ¼ cup quality (dry) cooking wine. 
  • When sauted, add in a tablespoon of flour and saute a little more (a minute or two, stirring so the flour doesn’t stick). Then, add 2 cups of water a bit at a time stirring constantly so you don’t get lumps. When it’s smooth, you can start adding milk. Add 3-4 cups. Then add a cup of heavy cream. 
    • You can also use skim, almond milk, or soy, but the end result will be different. I go for whole milk and heavy cream. 
  • Don’t boil this after you heat up the cream. It’ll boil over. Watch it carefully. 
  • Variations: 
    • Add a bit of corn in season or some cubed potatoes. 
    • Bacon works with this, too.