Menu 4



  • Choice of the following: steel cut oats (pre-made for the week), eggs any style, french toast, toast and jam (sourdough bread). 


  • Leftover chicken soup. Greek salad (kale or romaine) or tossed kale/cabbage slaw with roasted sesame dressing.


  • cut veggies with vegan queso (no vegans here, but this is really good), sugar cookies, popcorn, fruit bowl–grapefruits, oranges, and bananas, smoothies (pre-cut kits in freezer).



Sunday: Chicken soup

Monday:  Pannini and tomato soup

Tuesday:  Curry something

Wednesday: Big Salad Night

Thursday:  Steak and potato wedges

  • We’ve got steaks in the freezer, since everyone in the family but me works at our local farm.  Potato wedges go really well with steak and are easy.


  • Chili two ways: Vegetarian and beef.  I’ve got a lot of beans, so they’ll be on the menu more. 

Saturday: Leftovers