How to turn a waste product into a chef-quality appetizer:

I make sourdough bread, but the starter multiples.  Most people tell you to throw it out. I feel bad about that, because it’s a lot of waste.  These days, I turn it into an appetizer.

I call it a scallion pancake, but it’s really a cheater’s appetizer. It’s soft and spongy. I pair it with an easy sauce and it’s ready in a few minutes. It’s soft and spongy, but if I fry it a little longer, crispy. I can change the toppings, but usually I put cut scallions, green onion, or chives, fresh cilantro, and crisp fried garlic (this is expensive on Amazon, pretty close to free any Chinese or Korean supermarket).


  1. Fry in a cast iron (or any) pan.
  2. Top with toppings (scallions, garlic, herbs, etc…).
  3. Slice in wedges and serve with any dipping sauce.

My sauce:

Mix soy sauce, plain rice vinegar (not sushi seasoned), and sesame oil in a 2:1:2 ratio.  Serve as a dipping sauce for your scallion pancakes.